2019 Knowledge, Stakes and Error. A Psychological Account, Frankfurt a. M.: Klostermann.
Book symposion in Zeitschrift für Philosophische Forschung:
- Précis,
- comments by Andy Mueller,
- comments by Steffen Lesle and,
- my replies.

Journal articles

2020 "A direction effect on taste predicates," Philosophers' Imprint (with Julia Zakkou).
2020 "Taste, traits, and tendencies," Philosophical Studies (with Julia Zakkou).
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Contributions to special issues and collected volumes

"Knowledge and loose talk." In: Skeptical Invariantism Reconsidered, ed. by Christos Kyriacou and Kevin Wallbridge, Routledge.
2020 "Knowledge and non-traditional factors. Prospects for doxastic accounts," Synthese. SI: The Epistemic Significance of Non-Epistemic Factors, ed. by Nikola Kompa, Igal Kvart and Andrea Robitzsch.

Work in progress

A paper on how to explain practical factor effects on knowledge attributions
A paper on belief and simplified reasoning
A paper on loose talk and absolute gradable adjectives
A paper on degrees of acceptance